Industria Coiffure is a reputable Quebec beauty salon, with various locations in and around Greater Montreal. Their objective was to revamp their Lightspeed website with a fresh new look and feel, all the while increasing their eCommerce sales across Canada.


Prior to working with EZShop, the Industria Coiffure website was visibly outdated and no longer reflected their brand identity. The previous website also lacked core functionalities that make an eCommerce successful in today’s day and age.

The new website is built with a clean look and feel, all the while pushing key products and brands at the forefront of the online customer journey.


When we began the optimization of Industria Coiffure, the website’s organic clicks and impressions had been declining for a period of over 6 months.

In three months, EZShop managed to
increase impressions back to above previous levels with clicks also following. In addition, EZ Shop also managed to increase the number of ranking keywords on the first two pages of Google from 754 to 1,186 with 32 new keywords in the top 3.


Prior to EZShop, Industria Coiffure had never invested in a long-term marketing strategy.

In only 3 months, EZShop helped Industria Coiffure reach a collective ROAS (return on ad spend) of over 450%.


Over $9000 of sales attributed to
our email marketing campaigns
within the first 8 weeks!


Prior to working with EZShop, Industria Coiffure’s social media accounts did not properly represent them with the luxurious look and feel they built their brand on.

In only a few short weeks, EZShop was able to
completely change the direction of the social posts to make them more in sync with their brand values. Aesthetically, their feed is much more attractive and welcoming compared to what it previously was. This is key for their predominantly female-based clientele.

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